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10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50
For women over 50, weight loss can be even more challenging than it was in their 20s and 30s. Achieving a healthy body weight after 50, however, isn’t impossible—it just takes effort and planning. Start by following these 10 amazing weight loss tips for women over 50. 

1) Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake

 You can lose weight and still eat your favorite foods, but you must use portion control. It may be tempting to count calories when trying to lose weight, but it’s not a good idea. Instead, write down what you eat daily and determine how many calories each food contains. You should stick to a plan that includes 1,200-1,500 calories per day if you’re active most days of the week. If you exercise less frequently or have a more sedentary lifestyle, aim for 1,400-1,600 calories per day instead. Once you know how many calories your body burns in a day, simply consume 200 fewer each day than your goal so that you can lose one pound per week without feeling deprived!  10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

2) Eat Smaller Meals, 5 Times a Day

 If you’re trying to lose weight, spreading your calories over 5 meals a day is one of the best ways to go about it. Not only will eating small meals prevent you from overeating at one sitting, but it can also help improve blood sugar levels, stabilize insulin, and aid in fat loss. There are no special rules or meal plans that come with eating five times a day; instead, make sure to space out your meals by 3 hours or so and always eat a healthy breakfast. The diet is as simple as that! To learn more about how eating five times a day can keep you healthy and fit for life, check out these 14 Best Superfoods for Weight Loss—Ranked!. 10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

 3) Do Not Skip Breakfast 

Skipping breakfast as a means of weight loss is a big no-no. First, it puts you at risk of consuming excess calories throughout your day. Second, it can increase feelings of hunger and bingeing later in the day. If you tend to eat more when you are hungry, skipping breakfast sets up an unhealthy cycle that makes losing weight difficult. To lose weight safely, start eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, and don't skip breakfast! A simple way to do this is to start with a healthy smoothie or oatmeal. 

4) Drink Lots of Water 

Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your body from feeling bloated. It also helps your skin look more radiant and keeps your brain sharp. If you struggle with staying hydrated throughout your day, set a goal to drink one glass of water for every 15 minutes you’re awake. Drinking water before meals also curbs overeating—it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to realize we’re actually full. This technique seems minor, but it can help you lose a significant amount of weight over time! Want more weight loss tips? Check out these 30 Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds. 

5) Start moving

Start moving now. Don’t wait until you feel like it or have time to go to a gym—just get up and move every day. The longer you sit, lay, or stand without breaking a sweat, the greater your risk of being overweight or obese increases (even if you are skinny fat). Getting 30 minutes of low-impact activity is great and can help you start losing weight and lowering your blood pressure. but every gesture is better than nothing. A few ideas: park farther away from work, take stairs instead of elevators, do squats while brushing your get it!

6) Don't starve yourself 

While it may seem like a good idea to skip meals to lose weight faster, it can be dangerous and counterproductive. Not only will your body become incredibly hungry and tired (not to mention cranky), but your metabolism will slow down as well. This is why crash diets often result in even greater weight gain over time. In addition, when you starve yourself you don’t learn how to properly feed yourself, so when you do start eating normally again, any nutrients you consume are not properly absorbed by your body. To lose weight safely but quickly, keep a steady balance of healthy calories in every meal; that way you won’t have extreme swings of hunger or fatigue throughout your day and neither will affect your calorie intake for later meals. 

10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

7) Choose Smart Snacks 

Snacking between meals can help stabilize blood sugar and control appetite, but snacking without choosing wisely can lead to weight gain. Look for healthy snacks like vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole-grain crackers that contain a combination of fiber and protein to help satisfy your cravings without breaking your diet. And avoid calorie-dense foods that could contribute to weight gains such as chips, cookies, or refined carbs like white bread. Portion control is key when it comes to snacking—if you tend to overeat at snack time, try having a pre-measured 100-calorie bag of sliced ​​apples so you know exactly how good to eat. Better yet: Prevent those afternoon munchies with a healthful breakfast! 

8) Stay Positive 

People who are positive about losing weight or getting healthy usually find a way to do it says, Northam. They focus on what they want, not on what they don’t want. Positive people can accomplish their goals because they have a plan and work on it every day. In fact, most people achieve their New Year’s resolutions in January or February but give up by March when there are no immediate results from their efforts. It is all about consistency and focusing on your goal. If you keep working toward your goal, you will get there. Put those new goals into action right now so that you can start fresh with your first day of clean eating! 

9) Stick With It! 

Studies show that people who exercise consistently are more likely to stick with their weight loss plan. Try to make time each day to move, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you can’t find ways to squeeze in physical activity, try watching your favorite TV show while walking on a treadmill or going out of your way to walk up a few flights of stairs at work. The key is just being active! Do whatever it takes!

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